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How to Become a Product Tester at Home & Get Free Samples in 2023

So you’ve heard that becoming a product tester is a way to get free products sent straight to your home? You heard right. But how, exactly, do you become one of these lucky product testers?

Consider this your guide to becoming an at-home product tester and scoring products for free.

Want the chance to test products like this carpet cleaner from Hoover? Keep reading.

3 reasons to become a product tester

Companies are always looking for product testers to try out their products and share their feedback. Here are some of the top reasons people sign up to be product testers.

  1. Save money. As a product tester, companies will send you samples and full-size products 100% for free, saving you money on your next trip to the mall or even your weekly grocery haul.

  2. Try out new products. Product testers get to try new and popular products, from the comfort of their own home. Sometimes, these products are so new they’re not even widely available yet!

Get the inside scoop. There’s a certain coolness to scoring free products and getting to try them out, right? There definitely is.

A product tester treated Desiel the beagle to this free dog food from Solid Gold.

What kind of products can I test at home?

You can test almost any kind of product from home. Some of the most popular product categories for product testing include:

This product tester got a brand new comforter set, courtesy of PeaceNest!

What do product testers do?

Companies are always looking for product testers. Why? They need honest feedback for their products. Feedback from real consumers like you helps them improve their products and helps other shoppers find what they’re looking for.

You don’t need to be a professional or have a lot of experience to become a product tester. All the companies are looking for are people from a specific demographic that match their target audience. For example, in one product testing campaign, a skincare brand may want to test how a new moisturizer works on young men with oily skin, while for a different campaign they want to know how an eye cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles in older women.

This product tester received a free sample of Chia Body Oil by Perricone MD.

When you receive free sample products as a product tester, companies will ask you to use the product like you normally would. In some cases, they may ask for your feedback on a particular product feature, or how it compares to similar products you’ve tried. All you need to do is answer honestly and tell them what you think!

Email invitation to join a product testing campaign

How do I become a product tester?

To become a product tester, you can join product testing panels for individual companies, but the easiest way is to join a program like BzzAgent. BzzAgent partners with popular brands who are looking for product testers like you. Best of all, all you need to do in return for your free product is write an online review!

Here’s how it works.

1. Sign up to be a BzzAgent. Complete your profile and select your interests. You can test electronics, beauty products, baby stuff, and more!

2. Wait to be matched to a campaign. When BzzAgent thinks you’re a good fit for a product testing campaign, they’ll send you an email to apply.

3. Apply to be a product tester. The email will include a link to the application. You’ll just need to answer a few simple questions to ensure you’re a good fit.

4. Follow the instructions. Once you’re selected as a product tester, you’ll receive instructions for testing your product. (If you’re not selected, no worries — another campaign will come up soon.)

5. Test out the product and share your review! Now for the fun part: trying out your free product! Test the product according to the instructions, and share your feedback in an online review.

BzzAgent product testing kit for a sunscreen by La Roche-Posay

Product testers wanted! Are you in?

Become a BzzAgent today and you can test products for free. We partner with the best brands who are looking for honest feedback from people like you. We can’t wait to send you free stuff. Sign up today!

Until next time, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay in the loop on the latest product testing campaigns.


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