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10 Companies That Give Free Samples for Reviews

Ever wish you could get something for free? Of course you do! (We all do, honestly.)

Guess what?

There are lots of companies that will send you free stuff. And often, all you have to do is write a review.

From cookware to makeup, and skincare to pet food, there are loads of free samples you can receive in the mail.

Read on as we explain.

How Do You Get Companies to Send You Free Products?

Fan-favorite companies are always looking for feedback from real people. One way they do that is through sampling campaigns and product testing. With these programs, you simply sign up, and share a few details about yourself. Then, the company matches you with free products that suit your interests.

Ready to become a product reviewer? Sign up to be a BzzAgent now.

Other ways you can get free products include:

  • Subscribing to brand newsletters

  • Joining brand loyalty programs

  • Following brands on social media

With these options, however, your opportunities to receive free products can vary from brand to brand.

When you’re a product reviewer, though, you can regularly receive free stuff by mail and get to test out the latest products — including some that haven’t even been released yet! Sign up now.

10 Companies That Give Free Samples

Now that you know how sampling programs work, let’s look at some of the top companies that share free products in exchange for an honest review.

1. L’Oreal

L’Oreal has over 30 brands that are always looking for product testers. Sign up to be a BzzAgent and you might get to try their haircare, cosmetics, and fragrance products — all for free!

2. Perricone MD

Skincare brand Perricone MD is another fan-favorite brand here at BzzAgent. The wellness brand loves sharing their beauty products with BzzAgents and receiving their feedback.

3. Solid Gold

Hey pet parents, this one's for you! Solid Gold offers holistic pet nutrition for dogs and cats. The brand shares dog and cat food with reviewers in return for their honest feedback.

4. ConAir

How would you like to never buy a beauty tool again? As a product reviewer, you might not have to! ConAir sends free hair and grooming tools to BzzAgents on the regular.

5. Hormel

Hormel is the parent company behind many of your favorite food brands at the grocery aisle, including Applegate meat, Planters nuts, and Herdez salsas. As a product reviewer with BzzAgent, you can fill up your grocery cart from home!

6. Lancôme

Luxury makeup and skincare brand Lancôme shares free products for reviews. As a BzzAgent, you could receive a free full-size serum, lipstick, perfume, or foundation… the list goes on!

7. Zesty Paws

Make sure your pet is stocked up on their wellness supplements. From calming chews to immune support, Zesty Paws is always looking for feedback from product reviewers!

8. Armani Beauty

Do you like trying the newest fragrances and experimenting with different scents? Armani Beauty often shares free perfume samples with BzzAgents in exchange for their review.

9. Melissa & Doug

Parents, you can surprise your child with free toys from Melissa & Doug! These popular wooden toys are perfect for kids ages 1 through 8.

10. Asus

Yes, some BzzAgents literally received laptops this year!

Want Companies to Send You Free Stuff?

Sign up to be a product reviewer with BzzAgent today. As soon as a sampling campaign fits your profile, we’ll notify you by email.

The companies above are just a handful of the brands we partner with to share free samples with people like you. To discover more, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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