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10 Money-Saving Hacks for Your Weekly Grocery Shop

From gas prices to travel and entertainment, everyone’s talking about inflation right now. If you’re anything like us, your wallet feels it most when you make your weekly grocery trip. When did food get so expensive?

Fortunately, there are ways you can save — a lot of ways, actually. Read on for our best hacks for saving money on your weekly grocery shop.

1. Check out the store circular

Most grocery stores have weekly circulars with their best sales, deals, and coupons. Review yours to plot out your shopping trip and see if you can stock up on anything. Or, plan your week’s meals according to what’s on sale!

Pro Tip: You can save more by being brand-agnostic. If you’re willing to let go of brand loyalty, you can use coupons to try new brands and get the same food for cheaper. Cha-ching!

2. Use coupon apps

If clipping coupons isn’t for you, go the digital route and download a coupon app like Ibotta. With the app, you can earn cash rebates for items you’re already purchasing, from brand-name foods to generic items like milk and produce.

Ibotta is available at most grocery stores, and even other stores as well — if you want to extend your savings beyond the aisle!

3. Join your store’s loyalty program

One of the best ways to save on groceries is to join your store’s loyalty program. From exclusive sales to percentage-off discounts, the savings rack up quickly.

Pro Tip: Review the program terms for multiple stores in your area. It may be worth switching to another grocery store!

4. Become a product reviewer

Grocery store loyalty programs often share discounts, but they rarely give things away entirely for free. For that, you’ll want to join a product sampling program like BzzAgent!

BzzAgent partners with major grocery store brands to offer free samples in return for honest reviews. Learn more and sign up for free.

Here are just a few of the food products BzzAgent reviewers got to enjoy completely for free!

5. Buy some items online

We’ll let you in on a little secret: your grocery store may not be the cheapest place to buy everything on your grocery list. When it comes to non-food essentials like paper towels and cleaning supplies, you may be able to score them for cheaper when you buy online. Check the prices on Amazon and see if you can save a few dollars that way. Plus, 31% of grocery shoppers say buying online helps them avoid impulse purchases, according to a PowerReviews survey.

6. Stick to your grocery list

Speaking of impulse purchases, making a grocery list and sticking to it can help you save a lot on groceries. Research shows impulse buys represent up to 62% of supermarket sales, and the average American spends $314 on impulse purchases every month. Don’t be a statistic! Prepare your list and stick to it!

Pro Tip: Avoid walking through the aisles where you’re prone to impulse buy. Candy and chips, anyone?

7. Stock up when there’s a sale

Pantry staples like rice, pasta, cereal, and canned goods last for a looong time. Instead of restocking every week, consider waiting to stock up whenever there’s a sale. You can buy a lot for less, and it will still be fresh when you need it!

8. Change up your meals

It’s possible you can squeeze even more savings by switching up your ingredients. Fresh, unprocessed foods are not only more nutritious but often cheaper, as well.

If you tend to spend most of your shopping in the aisles, you’re likely spending more than you need to. Review your list. Can you swap out processed food from the aisles for more fresh produce and meat from the perimeter of the store?

9. Look up and down

Along the same lines, here’s a simple trick to save more when you’re in-store: Look up and look down. Grocery stockers put the most expensive options and brands at eye level. Look up and down, and you’re likely to find something just a bit cheaper!

10. Bring your calculator along

(Or just use the one on your phone.) Sizing up may not always be the cheapest way to buy. Check the price per unit on bulk sizes and compare the various sizes to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Start saving on your groceries now

Follow these tips to save on your weekly grocery trip. Before you know it, you’ll be filling your cart for a lot less!

To score free food samples and save even more, sign up to be a product reviewer with BzzAgent today. We partner with fan-favorite brands to share free food, makeup, electronics, baby stuff and more with people like you.


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