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Pick the "Purr-fect" Pet Name

Congratulations! You just brought home your new cat, dog, rabbit, bird, rodent (or whatever little buddy caught your heart). Now all you need is a name to call them.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be. Have fun and relax. Getting to know your new pet is a special time, and the right name will come. In the meantime, follow these tips to pick out a "fur-tastic" name for your new loved one!

1. Don’t rush

Your new furbaby will be a-okay if you don’t decide on a name for a few days. Spend some time with your new furry roommate and get to know their personality. In fact, you may find their personality sparks inspiration, as many pet owners do.

It’s totally okay to try out a few names at first. You might notice that as you say them out loud, you don’t love them as much. Or, you might come up with a nickname you prefer instead.

2. Stick to one or two syllables

Dogs and cats tend to respond better to shorter names. A one- or two-syllable name is sure to get Fifi or Fido’s attention. Plus, the humans in your life will find them easier to spell and remember, too!

3. Name your pet after their looks

Many pets have distinct features that inspire their names, like Curly or Patch. You could choose your pet’s name based on their fur, such as Pearl, Copper, or Midnight. Does your pet have funny ears that remind you of a Taco, or different fur on their feet? Socks or Boots could be a cute name for a kitten.

4. Choose a famous pet

The worlds of literature, history, television, and cinema are filled with famous felines and courageous canines. Why not name your pet after one of these heroes? People will instantly recognize the name and smile at the reference.

5. Get inspired by your favorite things (or people)

Think about your favorite musicians, actors, athletes, or movie characters. Does your pet’s personality remind you of any of them? You’ll have a name you love, and a great story to share if people ask how you thought up your pet’s name.

You can even name a pet after your favorite place — Cali, Philly, Paris — or your favorite food, like Cookie or Skittles.

6. Avoid confusion

Once you have a few names you’re considering, say them out loud and consider whether your pet might confuse them with a common command, like “walk,” “sit,” “no,” or “drop it.”

You want to choose a name that sounds totally different than these common phrases. That way, your pet will respond when you call them, and they won’t have any negative association with the name either!

7. Teach your pet their new name

Now that you’ve decided on a name, it’s time to teach it to your pet! Cats and dogs will learn their new name quickly, especially if you pair their name with positive reinforcement and lots of treats. Over the first few days together, say your pet’s name a lot and always associate it with something positive, like food, a toy, or a treat.

Pro Tip: Avoid saying your pet’s name when they do something bad, or they might not stop responding to it!

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