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Want to Try and Review Products for Free? You Were Meant to Be a BzzAgent

So maybe you have a friend who’s always raving about the free products they received from the hottest brands. Or it seems like one of your favorite influencers is always getting free sample boxes.

We’ll let you in on a secret: they might be product reviewers! Product reviewers, like the ones in our BzzAgent community, get to try and review products for free.

If you’re looking for ways to save money year-round, you just found one. As one BzzAgent told us, “I never have to buy beauty products, I just get them all from BzzAgent.” Signing up to be a product reviewer is a great way to test new products, and get free stuff you would have ended up buying anyway.

Ready to join the Hive? Sign up to be a BzzAgent to try and review products for free.

How Can I Get Free Stuff to Write Reviews?

Many brands are looking for feedback from the people most likely to use their products. That’s where you come in. By signing up to be a BzzAgent, you can receive free samples in return for writing an honest review.

All you need to do is answer a few questions to complete your profile, and tell us about the types of products you’re interested in — whether it’s home goods, travel products, or the latest in fashion and apparel.

Product reviewers aren’t limited to makeup and perfume samples (although we do have plenty of those if you’re interested!) By becoming a BzzAgent, you can receive a wide variety of products and save money year-round.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of products you can get for free as a BzzAgent.

Free Shoes & Accessories

From sneakers to knee-high boots — and even a luxury handbag or two — our product reviewers are invited to test a selection of shoes and accessories from brands like Ryka, LifeStride, and Coach.

Free Home Stuff

As a BzzAgent, you can spruce up your home with free candles and new electronics, or save on plant-care with free plant food.

Free Haircare Samples

Reviewing free haircare products can save you lots of money on recurring expenses like shampoo & conditioner, as well as higher-priced items like styling tools.

Free Skincare Samples

From cleanser and moisturizer to soaps and serums, product reviewers get to test a selection of high-quality skincare products for free.

Free Makeup Samples

Part of the fun of makeup is getting to try out new products. When you sign up to be a BzzAgent, you can experiment to your heart’s content with the latest makeup products from brands like Lancôme, Tarte Cosmetics, NARS, and many more.

Free Pet Stuff

We love to spoil our precious furbabies, but wouldn’t it be lovely to get some pet items for free now and then? When you’re a product reviewer with BzzAgent, you can!

Free Baby Stuff

From playsets to pacifiers, there is a LOT of baby stuff you can buy. But when you’re a BzzAgent, you can get baby items for free, saving money while giving your little one the best!

Free Food Samples

Who said you could only get free food samples at Costco? Become a BzzAgent product reviewer and you can score delicious samples from the comfort of your own home!

Ready to Try and Review Products for Free?

Sign up to be a BzzAgent now. As soon as a sampling campaign fits your profile, we’ll notify you by email. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

In the meantime, check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest sampling campaigns and freebies.


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