How It Works

Need technical assistance, Bzz® tips and tricks or fashion advice? For that last one, black and yellow stripes are always the height of style. For everything else, explore below.

What are Achievements?

Achievements are fun little rewards to celebrate and immortalize all the great things you accomplish as a BzzAgent, from completing campaign activities to finishing surveys to boasting a killer BzzScore. Some Achievements can be unlocked while participating in BzzCampaigns, some outside of ‘em and some, well, some are a secret. But that’s what makes earning Achievements so much fun!

Which Achievements can I earn?

The more you talk, the more you unlock. Take a look at just a sampling of Achievements below to catch a glimpse of your future greatness:

First BzzReport

10th Tweet

Too Cool

Stool Pigeon

25th Review

Exceptional Photo

I did something that should have unlocked an Achievement, but didn’t. What do I do now?

Before you get in touch, remember that some Achievements need to be verified by our team of Comm Devs before they show up in your collection. If it’s been more than a day since your Achievement should have unlocked, please Contact us and we’ll get to the bottom of it.