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How it works

BzzCampaigns are the main attraction here at BzzAgent. And rightly so — BzzCampaigns are how our BzzAgents discover, try and share popular new products and services (often for free) and influence big-name brands with their valued feedback.

Take Surveys Get Invited Try Awesome Products Review & Share Keep It Up

Take Surveys

Let us know the kinds of things you like so we can match you with BzzCampaigns that are right for you.

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Get Invited

When a campaign comes along that we think you’ll be perfect for, we’ll send you an invite. Spaces are limited, so be sure to join quickly!

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Try Awesome Products

Once you accept an invite to join a BzzCampaign, we’ll give you a way to try the product, as well as helpful talking points and offers to share with friends.

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Review & Share

Tell friends, family and us what you think about the products we send you by starting real conversations, online and off.

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Keep It Up

Actively participate in each campaign you join to improve your chances of receiving more invites.

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