Try products.
Start conversations.
Get more campaigns.

That's how it works.

BzzCampaigns are the main attraction here at BzzAgent. And rightly so — BzzCampaigns are how our BzzAgents discover, try and share popular new products and services (often for free) and influence big-name brands with their valued feedback.

How does a BzzCampaign work?

1. Try it

Answer quick surveys to fill us in on the things you like, so we can invite you to campaigns for the products you’ll love. Accept an invite and we’ll give you a way to try the product, as well as helpful talking points and offers to share with friends.

2. Talk about it naturally

Get people talking by sharing your honest opinion through face-to-face conversations and online via sites including Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Remember to always disclose that you’re a BzzAgent and to keep the spam in the can. Bzz is no place for excessive, repetitive or unauthentic posts.

3. Get more campaigns

We reward great BzzAgents with even more great campaigns. Write reviews, share photos and videos and update your friends and followers throughout every campaign you join and you’ll hear from us again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do BzzAgents do exactly?

A: The short answer? You try products and services and share your honest opinions about them by starting conversations with people you know, online and off. Then you tell us about those conversations to help companies improve their products. That’s it! There’s no obligation, no nonsense and no pressure.

Q: What do you do with the info I give?

A: We take your privacy seriously — all personal data are kept strictly confidential and are only used as a way to help us match you with the right products and brands and create better experiences for you and every BzzAgent. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Code of Conduct

As long as there have been words and mouths, there have been immutable laws to govern ‘em: be open, be natural and be honest. Check out our Code of Conduct for a few other best practices every BzzAgent keeps in mind while getting the word out.


We try to keep the BzzLingo to a BzzMinimum, but we can’t help it — we love Bzz! Stop by our Glossary to brush up on all things B-Z-Z.