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Non-member FAQs/Intro to BzzAgent

What is BzzAgent?

We’re an international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) programs for a variety of products and services. Basically, we’re a community of communicators.

What’s "Bzz"?

It’s what we call word of mouth. It’s what we all do every day. It’s the sharing of honest opinions about a product or service between two or more people both online and offline.

What do BzzAgents do exactly?

The short answer: try products and services, then share your honest opinions about them with people you know. The “won’t fit in a tweet” answer: we find the products and brands that you’ll love and give you a way to experience them, then you share your thoughts about them by starting natural, genuine conversations with real-life friends and online buds via sites including Facebook, Twitter and blogs. You get to try awesome products, your friends get to learn about awesome products and awesome products get even awesomer by listening to your valued feedback. Oh, and did we mention the better you participate, the more awesome products you’ll get to try? Awesome!

Is there a cost to join?

Nope, there’s no cost to join BzzAgent.

How much time will I have to devote to being a BzzAgent?

Being a BzzAgent won’t take up a lot of your valuable time. But the more effort you put into participating (for instance, starting real conversations both online and off and writing helpful and honest reviews), the better your experience will be — the best BzzAgents get to experience the best products and services, and more of them. You give more, you get more! It’s the circle of life, or Bzz, or whatever.

Should I share my opinion and start conversations on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social networks?

Absolutely! Your friends, followers and readers online value your opinion just as much as the people you see every day — and brands value theirs. So if you’re already using those channels, well then, keep on keepin’ on! And remember, the best BzzAgents get the best campaigns. So however you spread the word, the more authentic and honest conversations you create, the better your chances of getting invited to try even more amazing products and services.

Do you offer BzzAgents more campaigns for spreading positive word of mouth?

Nope, we reward BzzAgents for their hard work and for sharing their honest opinions, good or bad. For any word of mouth to be credible and powerful, it needs to be voluntary and not due to compensation of any kind. So whether you love a product you try through BzzAgent or think it could use a little work, as long as you’re sharing your honest opinion and starting authentic conversations, everybody’s happy.

If I sign up for BzzAgent, am I obligated to join a BzzCampaign?

Not at all. If you know you won’t participate in a campaign we invite you to join, don’t hesitate to pass on it — we would never pressure you to try a product or service that doesn’t interest you. The only thing we ask is that, once you’ve joined a campaign, you share your honest opinion with others, online and off, and let us know about it. Of course, follow the BzzAgent Code of Conduct when you do so (no sneaky behavior allowed!).

How long will it take to get invited to a campaign?

Whoever said, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” obviously wasn’t a BzzAgent. It’s our priority to get great products into the hands of as many BzzAgents as possible, but often there will be time between the campaigns you’re offered (or between joining and your first invite) — sometimes as much as a few months. Please be patient as we find the products that best match your lifestyle and interests. Once we do, we’ll send you an invite. In the meantime, check in weekly to complete surveys, which let us know which campaigns you’d be perfect for, and increase your chances of receiving more products. Above all, don’t forget: no matter how long we’re away, we will never forget about you!

Will BzzAgent script things for me to say?

Nope, we leave the dialogue to Shakespeare. So be yourself — share the positive and the negative. While we won’t provide you with a script, we will provide you with info on the product and some suggestions and tips. What you say is totally up to you, though you should make sure the people you talk with understand that you’re a BzzAgent and that we provided you with a means to try the product or service.

If I sign up for BzzAgent, will you spam me?

No way, we’re absolutely against spam. We never let anyone contact our members without their advance consent. The only e-mails you’ll receive from us will be about BzzCampaigns or other BzzAgent-related information.

What do you do with the information I provide to you?

All personal data are kept strictly confidential, and are only used as a way to help us:

  • match you with the right programs
  • create better experiences for you and other BzzAgents
  • improve our current or future programs

For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What should I do when I join?

After you’ve selected a BzzAgent username and password, you’ll be prompted to set up your BzzAgent profile. What's next?

How many BzzAgents are there?

As of December 2012, there are 1,000,000 BzzAgents across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

I live outside the USA, Canada and the UK. Can I still sign up as a BzzAgent?

Sorry, BzzAgent is currently open only to US, Canadian and UK residents.

Contact Us

How do I get in touch with BzzAgent?

We're into word of mouth, so obviously we love talking with folks and hearing what they have to say. No matter who you are or how you contact us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



Companies & Marketers:

If anyone would like to write us a letter (or send us some homemade cookies):

BzzAgent, Inc.
500 Harrison Avenue
3rd Floor Rear
Boston, MA 02118

Toll Free Phone: 1-877-BZZAGENT

How do I find out about the latest BzzAgent news and get super-fast responses to questions?

Stay in touch with BzzAgent on Facebook and Twitter to reach out with Q’s, be first in line to find out about new campaigns and gain access to “fans only” programs:

What if I have a suggestion for BzzAgent?

We love suggestions. We learn from your ideas and comments, and implement the best ones. To send us your suggestion, use the Agent Support form. Thanks for helping us improve BzzAgent!

How can I hire BzzAgent?

We'd love to talk to you about your potential BzzAgent word-of-mouth campaign. Please e-mail us at and let us know how we can help!

How do I close my BzzAgent Account?

To close your BzzAgent Account please go to the Close Account Page. Word of warning! Once you shut your account it will be deleted immediately. As they say in the schoolyard, "no takebacks".


What is disclosure?

Disclosure is about being completely open and honest about your BzzAgent status. When you share your opinions about a BzzAgent-related product or service, you should let everyone know that you're a BzzAgent and that we provided you with a means to experience the product or service.

Should I disclose to people that I'm a BzzAgent?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to share your relationship with BzzAgent to everyone with whom you share Bzz. Like our Code of Conduct says:

BzzAgents always tell others they are a part of a word-of-mouth campaign.

Be proud to be a BzzAgent. When Bzzing others, you must first let them know that you're involved with BzzAgent and that we've supplied you with the opportunity to experience a product or service. If you genuinely like something (or even if you don't!), it's your open, honest opinion that counts most.

What is the disclosure checkbox on the BzzReport submission page all about?

We simply want to determine whether you disclosed your relationship with BzzAgent to the people mentioned in your report. Participating in BzzAgent is totally voluntary, but we do ask that you disclose your relationship with BzzAgent each time you Bzz.

I received a message saying that I can’t submit any further campaign activities until I take Disclosure Training. Why is that?

We believe that good Bzz begins with making sure everyone knows that you're a BzzAgent and what that means. If you submit three (3) campaign activities without either disclosing your status or clicking the disclosure checkbox to affirm that you were open and honest during your Bzz, before you can submit campaign activities again you're required to complete Disclosure Training so you understand the importance of Disclosure.

Do you have a Disclosure hash tag for Twitter?

You bet we just pretended that’s a frequently asked question! But joking aside, yes, we do have a pair of hash tags you can choose from to include in your tweets to meet our Disclosure requirements: #GotItFree or #GotADiscount. If you tweet as part of a BzzCampaign and do not include one of these hash tags, you will not receive credit for your submission.

Account and Profile

Why can't I log in?

Please remember that your username and password are case sensitive. If you're having trouble logging in, click the forgot-your-password link on the log in page. Enter the e-mail address you signed up with, and we'll send you your password. Still not working? Use the Agent Support form or IM us at bzzagent (Yahoo/AOL).

Can I change my username?

Nope, once you create an account you can't change your username. There's a chance we may set up a system to do this in the future, but we can't guarantee anything.

How do I change or update my contact information?

To update your contact information, simply visit My Account. Then make your changes and click Save. NOTE: You cannot change your BzzAgent username. Always try to keep your contact information up to date, since we can't notify you of new campaigns or other important news if we can't reach you.

How do I update my personal and demographic information?

Click the My Account link in the navigation, and then on My Info. Make the changes and hit Save. To help ensure that you're offered the right campaigns, always try to keep your profile accurate. If there's demographic information you gave us during signup that's changed since then but isn't updatable from My Account, look for periodic surveys on your BzzAgent Homepagepage. We regularly ask you to notify us of any changes using those surveys.

How do I close my BzzAgent Account?

To close your BzzAgent Account, please go to the Close Account Page. Word of warning! Once you close your account, your BzzAgent Account will become deleted immediately.


What do I do once I join a BzzCampaign?

After you've finished high-fiving anyone within high-fiveable distance, head to the Campaign Homepage to learn more about the product and start some conversations. You'll find a variety of activities to help you share your honest opinion and get people talking, including posting to Facebook and Twitter, writing product reviews and uploading photos and videos. Keep up the conversations throughout the campaign and we'll invite you to try even more products — the best BzzAgents get the best campaigns, and more of them.

What if I don't see any BzzCampaigns to join?

Though we try our best to invite you to campaigns as often as possible, there may be times when you experience a “dry spell.” Why?

For one, most campaigns are available only to select BzzAgents. For example, even if you have a cat, you may not be the right fit for our Cat Food campaign. The brands we work with may want to reach only people with two cats, or those who live in a certain state or already buy a particular type of food. It's also possible we may need to know more about you to match you with the right campaigns (fix this now by completing any available surveys on your My Surveys page). Finally, you might be on our naughty list! If you wouldn’t take your BzzScore home to meet mom, you’ll get less invites than those with a higher score — we reward our most talkative and influential BzzAgents with access to even more campaigns.

To be first in line to hear about brand new campaigns, score exclusive access to "fans only" campaigns and to see Jono's smiling face without visiting his pay-per-view site, join BzzAgent on Facebook and Twitter. Go ahead, get all Web 2.0!

How many BzzCampaigns should I expect to receive?

While nothing would make us happier than guaranteeing you BzzCampaigns, there are just too many variables to predict an accurate number. That being said, many BzzAgents may only receive a few product experiences from us per year. Not bad, considering the only thing you have to do outside of campaigns is a few surveys!

What if I join a BzzCampaign and do nothing?

If you're asking this, you might as well put on a black and white striped jumper and carry around a sack with a dollar sign on it. Just kidding, we know you're curious - that's what we like about you. So if you must know: your performance in past campaigns has a lot to do with how likely you are to be invited to campaigns in the future. Join a campaign and create real conversations by sharing your opinion and more product experiences are coming your way. Join a campaign and do nothing? Well, let's just say the less you give, the less you get. And remember, we know where you live. Haha?

You say "active and influential" BzzAgents get more campaigns. What does that mean?

We'll spare you the complicated mathematical formula we use to determine how active and influential each BzzAgent is (here's a taste: it requires a roomful of abacuses, a fridge stocked with Jolt and a janitor dressed like Matt Damon dressed like a janitor). But we will share a few of the things we consider (in order of importance):

  • Your engagement, as measured by the number of likes, comments and retweets your campaign posts receive
  • Your activity, as measured by the number of activities you complete per campaign, and the quality of those submissions, as determined by our review team
  • Your influence, as measured by the number of people your product opinions reach, online and offline

Just remember that it's all about sharing your honest opinion and creating real, two-way conversations with friends - both online and off - who like to know about great new products and services, and you'll be golden. Oh, and always remember that spam makes a better sandwich than a way to share — authentic Bzz is about quality, and excessive, repetitive and insincere sharing will land you on our no fly list. Without a pat down from Jono.

Who rates my campaign activities?

That would be our friendly, dedicated team of Communication Developers (Com Devs). They personally read, rate and respond to the activities you submit as part of BzzCampaigns. (Remember the emails you get after completing an activity? That’s them.) Depending on the effort you made to create a compelling submission, you’ll receive one of four ratings:

  • Exceptional – You must be a unique, creative and engaging individual, because your campaign submissions sure are. These posts are thoughtful, shareable and provide value to other consumers. Great stuff!
  • Good – Whether you submitted a photo, shared a review, recounted a conversation, uploaded a recipe or something else, you did exactly what we asked for!
  • Fair – These submissions often meet specific activities’ requirements, but are light on details or don’t provide any insight
  • Rejected – Typically, these submissions are just off topic, or don’t confirm you told people you received something for free

The more I share, the more campaigns I get, right?

Not exactly. We encourage BzzAgents to create genuine, informative conversations with their friends, not spam them like the deposed king of Namibia. Each time you share, you should have new information to offer: an updated review, a new coupon code, a photo or video, something to get the conversation going. It's not about talking at your friends, it's about talking with them, you know? We're all deep like that. So, to recap — sharing your honest opinion and getting friends talking gets you more campaign invites. Spamming friends results in less campaign invites (and likely less friends, too).


What is BzzScore?

A numerical representation of how well you’re doing as a BzzAgent, on a scale of zero to ten. Your BzzScore takes into account everything you’ve done in the past 365 days, including campaign activities, surveys and how socially connected and influential you’ve been, and can go up and down. The higher your score, the more likely you are to get campaign invites.

How does BzzScore affect campaign invites?

Generally, the better your BzzScore, the better your chances of getting campaign invites. However, we do consider a few other things when selecting BzzAgents for campaigns, such as your interests (which we determine from your survey answers) and whether or not you meet certain criteria requested by the brands we work with, like your age and where you live.

What does my score mean?

Check out this handy chart to see how your score influences your chances of receiving invites to new campaigns (when you’re the right fit for the program, of course):

  • 0 – 2: You’re almost there
  • 2 – 6: You’ve got a really good chance
  • 6 – 10: It’s pretty much guaranteed

Does declining a campaign invite hurt my BzzScore?

No way! We encourage BzzAgents to join only the campaigns they find truly interesting. If you’re not excited about a product, why on earth would you want to talk about it?

How can I improve my BzzScore if I’m not offered more campaigns?

Our lonely wives, husbands and ferrets can confirm: getting great BzzAgents into more campaigns is our top priority. And with BzzScore, things are different: previously, you may have lost campaign spots to BzzAgents in high Bee Levels, who consistently signed up, got free stuff and then did nothing. Now that they’re out of the picture, spots have freed up for good BzzAgents like you. Don’t forget, you can easily improve your BzzScore by completing your surveys and connecting your accounts, too.

How often is my BzzScore refreshed?

Like a waffle buffet at a four-star resort, we greet you upon every login with a fresh, piping-hot BzzScore. Then, each and every time you do something (from filling out surveys to connecting your social networking accounts to completing activities as part of a BzzCampaign), we'll refresh your score. However, since we personally review everything you share with us, it may take up to a few days to notice a difference in your score for completing certain campaign activities.

Can my BzzScore go down?

Absolutely. Even the best BzzAgents will see their score drop from time to time. Our advice? Keep your score up, but don’t sweat the small stuff — tiny fluctuations won’t affect your campaign invites. But since you asked so nicely, here’s what could have happened to cause the drop:

  • You have new surveys to complete
  • Your level of online influence changed (measured by how well you engage your online and offline networks through campaign activities)
  • You didn’t complete any activities as part of a campaign, or completed fewer than usual
  • Your campaign history was updated (your BzzScore reflects your past 365 days of activity, updated daily, which means a campaign that contributed to your score yesterday may no longer contribute today)
  • You disconnected your Twitter and/or Facebook account from your BzzAgent account

Does my BzzScore consider my complete BzzAgent history?

In an effort to treat long-time members and BzzAgent noobs alike as fairly as possible, BzzScore currently reflects only your past 365 days of activity.

Someone with a lower score than me got a campaign invite and I didn’t. What happened?

Unfortunately, not every BzzCampaign will be suited for you (even if you think you’d really enjoy the product). Often, the brands we partner with to bring you campaigns are looking for feedback from a certain number of BzzAgents who meet specific criteria, like age, location or whether or not you own a house, have a dog or clean your tub more than once a month. If you’re not the right fit, the invite may pass to a BzzAgent with a lower score. But rest assured, when you’re the right person for the right campaign, a high BzzScore is your pass to the front of the line — so keep it up!

How many activities should I complete per campaign?

As few as you need to engage your friends and fill us in on all of the great conversations you start! Keep in mind, more is almost never better — we designed BzzScore to favor quality over quantity. After all, who wants to be friends with someone they think is spamming them? Just create a few meaningful interactions, online and off, in every campaign you join, and your score will be sittin’ pretty. It doesn’t take much to make us happy!

How do you measure influence?

Extensive bloodwork. Just kidding! We determine influence based on the size of your online and offline networks and, much more importantly, how well you engage the people within them as part of BzzCampaigns. Do your Facebook posts get a lot of comments and Likes? Do your tweets get retweeted? Does Oprah call you for suggested reading? Keep your posts and conversations interesting, and you’re sure to earn top marks as an Influencer. Now, where did we put that needle?

How can I improve my engagement and influence?

Simple! The key to getting more people to interact with the posts you share on Facebook and Twitter is starting with compelling and interesting content — don’t just share a review, ask friends how they would use the product; don’t just share a recipe, share a photo and see how followers might improve it. It may seem silly to say, but if you want to improve your engagement, you have to engage people! Bring them into the conversation by asking questions and posting fun, creative reviews, videos, photos, stories and more.

Since influence is measured by the size of your social networks, both online and offline, and how well you engage them, the best way to achieve a higher score is by sharing your product experiences and opinions with a larger number of friends.

Who rates my campaign activities?

That would be our friendly, dedicated team of Communication Developers (Com Devs). They personally read, rate and respond to the activities you submit as part of BzzCampaigns (Remember the emails you get after completing an activity? That’s them.) Depending on the effort you made to create a compelling submission, you’ll receive one of four ratings:

  • Exceptional – You must be a unique, creative and engaging individual, because your campaign submissions sure are. These posts are thoughtful, shareable and provide value to other consumers. Great stuff!
  • Good – Whether you submitted a photo, shared a review, recounted a conversation, uploaded a recipe or something else, you did exactly what we asked for!
  • Fair – These submissions often meet specific activities’ requirements, but are light on details or don’t provide any insight
  • Rejected – Typically, these submissions are just off topic, or don’t confirm you told people you received something for free

I don’t normally use social networks — can I still have a good BzzScore?

Most certainly, good sir or madam! There are plenty of activities you can complete to keep your score on the up and up that don’t require you to share on Facebook or Twitter, and we would never encourage you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. But we’ll be honest: people who do share their product experiences and opinions with their social networks will always have a higher score. Factors including the size of your social networks, how well you engage them and whether or not you’ve linked them with your BzzAgent account are all key to boasting the highest scores. Without them, you can still have a very good score – and, more importantly, you’ll still be eligible for campaigns – but you likely won’t be first in line.

Why don’t I receive credit for the posts I make when joining a new campaign?

While your unbridled enthusiasm is one of the things that get us out of bed in the morning, great Bzz is more than just excitement. It’s a compelling review, an engaging recommendation, a captivating story about your product experience that gets people talking — in other words, the best Bzz happens after you’ve tried a product. Which is why we encourage you to hold off on campaign activities until your BzzKit has arrived and, consequently, why these “welcome to the campaign” Facebook and Twitter activities don’t count toward your BzzScore. Though it should certainly go without saying we appreciate your passion for new campaigns!

What happened to Bee Levels?

We made a promise to our network that, as long as you’re a great BzzAgent, you’ll get campaigns — unfortunately, Bee Levels weren’t helping us deliver on that promise. So we replaced them with BzzScore, giving every BzzAgent a clear picture of how they can get into more campaigns. But to answer your question: the Bee Levels you conquered will forever be recognized in My Achievements, and we’ve created something we’re far more confident will reward the best BzzAgents in its wake.

Am I starting from scratch?

Heavens, no! While your BzzScore does not take your Bee Level into account (since Bee Levels didn’t necessarily reflect great campaign participation), it does consider all the great things you have (or haven’t) done over the past 365 days. So if you’ve participated in every campaign you’ve joined, you’re in great shape, and more campaigns are coming your way. Keep it up!


What are and MyPoints Points? is a third-party website we partnered with to make your BzzAgent experience even more rewarding. As rewards experts, they offer 24/7/365 access to a huge variety of thank you gifts from popular retailers and restaurants. MyPoints Points are what you earn and redeem for those gifts.

How do I join MyPoints? Does it cost anything?

It's free to join MyPoints, and we make it super easy and fast to create an account.

How do I earn MyPoints Points on

There are two main ways to earn MyPoints Points via BzzAgent: complete surveys, and complete select activities as part of BzzCampaigns (such as writing reviews, submitting photos and telling us about your conversations). The more active you are, the more Points you can earn! You can also earn Points through the independently-run website. To learn more, visit MyPoints.

Can I redeem MyPoints Points if I'm not a member?

While we can offer you MyPoints Points, you need to have a account to accept and redeem them. Sign up is free and fast— visit the MyPoints site now so you can enjoy your points right away.

Do MyPoints Points ever expire?

You have 30 days to accept an offer of MyPoints Points from us. If you want them, accept them before then. You should also know has a policy of deleting points in accounts that are inactive for a full year.

Does BzzAgent operate

No, we only partnered with MyPoints – a third-party website – to offer BzzAgents a little something extra.

Where can I manage my MyPoints email preferences?

You may edit your MyPoints email preferences on your account page on


Who is BzzAgent Jono?

BzzAgent Jono is your primary BzzAgent contact. If you have a question about a BzzCampaign, your account or BzzAgent in general, he's your man. If you'd like to reach him and his team, e-mail BzzAgent Jono for a timely response. You can also become Facebook Friends with BzzAgent Jono and follow him on Twitter.

What's up with this Central Hive stuff?

We nicknamed our BzzAgent staff headquarters the "Central Hive." Yeah, we're dorks.

Can I tell friends about BzzAgent?

Be proud to be a BzzAgent. Be totally open about being a BzzAgent, especially when you're spreading Bzz. We're not about misleading or stealth marketing — we're about honest and respectable word-of-mouth marketing. Disclosure shows that you're credible and sincere, you know? And if some of your friends want to join BzzAgent too after learning about us, hey, that's just a bonus. If you'd like, you can use our Tell a Friend e-mail to invite them to join BzzAgent.

How can I learn to be a better BzzAgent?

What a wonderful question! Chances are you’re already familiar with spreading word of mouth, since it’s something we all do naturally. But there are things you can learn to become a more informed and informative BzzAgent — go to Agent Training to see how you can take your Bzz to the next level.

What is a pest?

A pest is a BzzAgent that tries to take advantage of the BzzAgent system. They do this by creating multiple accounts, creating fake BzzReports, selling product on eBay and doing other sneaky tricks to try to fake our system. The worst part is that these dishonest BzzAgents can end up taking slots that honest BzzAgents could be occupying. To make things better for all sincere members of our community, we work hard to identify and remove all unscrupulous BzzAgents.

How do I know if I am a pest?

In simplest terms, if you are, you'll be hearing from us. But as long as you are an honest BzzAgent you have nothing to worry about.


What are Achievements?

Achievements are fun little rewards to celebrate and immortalize all the great things you accomplish as a BzzAgent, from completing campaign activities to finishing surveys to boasting a killer BzzScore. Some Achievements can be unlocked while participating in BzzCampaigns, some outside of ‘em and some, well, some are a secret. But that’s what makes earning Achievements so much fun!

Which Achievements can I earn?

The more you talk, the more you unlock. Take a look at just a sampling of Achievements below to catch a glimpse of your future greatness:

first bzzreport achievement

I haven’t earned any Achievements yet. What’s up?

Not to worry. Unlike the prognosis of BzzAgent Jono’s first-grade psychoanalysis, this problem child is “an easy fix” — hover over each of the Achievements on this page to get a better idea of how to unlock them, then get to it.

I did something that should have unlocked an Achievement, but didn’t. What do I do now?

Before you get in touch, remember that some Achievements need to be verified by our team of Com Devs before they show up in your collection. If it’s been more than a day since your Achievement should have unlocked, please Contact Us and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Shouldn't I have already earned some of these?

First BzzReport, first friend referral, first pajama party with Jono — been there, done that, we hear you! But when we rolled out Achievements, we thought it'd be more rewarding to start unlocking from scratch. After all, the part that makes earning Achievements so much fun is actually earning them, right?