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What is disclosure?

Disclosure just means being completely open and honest about what it means to be a BzzAgent. Whenever you’re spreading the word about a campaign, always be sure to let people know that either BzzAgent or the brand provided you with a means to experience the product for free (or with a discount).

Disclosing online

To put it plainly: If you can hashtag, do hashtag. Whether the activity is for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or your blog, always include a disclosure hashtag. This will usually be #GotItFree or #GotACoupon, but always check the activity instructions to be sure. And don’t forget to include any brand-focused tags or @mentions that we’ve provided to join the product conversation, too.

Example of Pinterest Disclosure
Example of Twitter Disclosure
Example of Instagram Disclosure

If you’re posting to a site that doesn’t allow hash tags, just be sure to mention at some point that either the brand or BzzAgent gave you the product for free or with a discount.

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Review

“Thanks to BzzAgent, I recently tried out Garnier Fructis' new line of shampoo and conditioner called Hydra Recharge. It is a system of shampoo, conditioner, and a 1-minute treatment meant to hydrate dry, frail hair...”

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Disclosing offline

This may be a digital age, but nothing beats talking to someone face to face. Whenever you’re spreading Bzz about a product to friends and family in person, be sure to mention at some point that either BzzAgent or the brand provided you with a way to try what you’re talking about.

Oh, and when you go to submit a BzzReport about your conversation on the Campaign Homepage, keep an eye out for this important checkbox.

Disclosure checkbox on BzzReport Activities

Disclosure checkbox on BzzReport Activities

I received a message saying that I can’t submit any further campaign activities until I take disclosure training. Why is that?

We believe that good Bzz begins with making sure everyone knows that you're a BzzAgent and what that means. If you submit three (3) campaign activities without disclosing that you got something for free or with a discount, before you can submit campaign activities again you're required to complete Disclosure Training to help you understand the importance of disclosure.