Data & Privacy Overview

Last Updated: May 2018

Your guide to privacy on BzzAgent

While you probably shouldn't trust us with your favorite houseplants or leftover pizza, you can trust us with your data. Why? We can't drown it or eat it, for one. But more than that, we believe you have to feel safe sharing your personal data with us before you can feel comfy sharing your personal product experiences with the world. To help earn that trust, we're open about how we use and protect your data – as well as the control you have over it. Learn more below.

What is BzzAgent doing with my data?

The better we know you, the better we can provide you with the products and experiences you’ll love. That’s why we invite you to tell us about yourself via surveys and profile questions, and automatically collect info about you when you participate in campaigns, use our website or connect your social media accounts to BzzAgent. (We also occasionally receive info about members from other companies, when they’ve been permitted to do so).

All of this info helps us to offer you a more personalized and rewarding experience; offer consumers insight on the right products for them (by sharing your reviews and campaign content); and offer our clients successful campaigns and great photos, videos and more.

To see exactly how we use our member data, please read our Privacy Notice.

Do you share my data with other companies?

We may share information that you’ve given us, or that we’ve collected about you, with other companies for several reasons, including:

  • To enable many of the functions of BzzAgent, including our website, campaigns and support
  • To provide our clients with the content you’ve created on their behalf during campaigns
  • To share your reviews and campaign content on other websites
  • To personalize the ads or marketing you see from other companies

To see exactly how we share our member data, please read our Privacy Notice.

What are cookies and how does BzzAgent use them?

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your device when you visit a website. Just like mom, BzzAgent serves up different cookies for different occasions. You can learn more about each type of cookie we use in our Cookie Statement but, generally, they help us to:

  • Make our website work (or work even better)
  • Remember who you are and what you like
  • Personalize your experience
  • Enable you to post to social media right from
  • Understand how our website is being used
  • Measure the success of our BzzCampaigns

Does BzzAgent track visitors in any other ways?

We may use other small files like web beacons, which let us know when you've opened an email from us or visited our website (in case we're napping when you stop by).

How can I control cookies?

Much like Snap! in 1990, you've got the power: You're free to accept cookies, reject cookies or any mix of the two. To accept them, just use our site as usual. To reject them, visit our Cookie Statement and click the provided opt-out links. Just know that if you reject certain cookies, you may not be able to use every area of our website. Technology can be spiteful like that.

How does BzzAgent keep my info secure?

We've put in place a smart mix of people, process and tech to prevent the wrongful access, alteration or misuse of your data. To learn more, read our Privacy Notice.

How can I see or delete the information you have about me?

Beginning May 25, you can request a digital copy of the data BzzAgent has collected or created about you, including your survey responses, campaign activity submissions, profile and contact details and more. Request a copy of your data

To erase any personal information about you that we have stored, you can close your BzzAgent account at any time. Doing so will also anonymize any data about how you've used our website. Keep in mind: Deleting your account will not delete any of the content you've posted to social media via (e.g. a photo shared to Facebook via the Campaign Homepage) or the reviews you've submitted to with the purpose of being featured on another site.