How It Works

Need technical assistance, Bzz® tips and tricks or fashion advice? For that last one, black and yellow stripes are always the height of style. For everything else, explore below.

What is BzzScore and why does it matter?

Your BzzScore is a reflection of your level of participation as a BzzAgent within the last 365 days, on a scale of zero to ten. It takes into account your campaign activities, surveys and how socially connected and influential you’ve been – and it can (and will) go up and down.

The more quality activities you complete in a campaign, the higher your BzzScore will be. There’s no need to sweat little fluctuations, though — the only way to floor your score is to do nothing in a BzzCampaign, so just be sure to complete at least three activities in any campaign you join.

What affects my BzzScore?

Your BzzScore is a lot like an elevator: it can go up or down, depending on whether or not you’re pressing the right buttons. Our advice? Don’t freak over fluctuations — as long as you’re not in the red, you’re A-OK in our book. Here’s what factors in:

Do great stuff in BzzCampaigns
The more you put into your campaign activities, the more you’ll get out of them — more engaged friends, more empowered brands and a higher BzzScore. On the other hand, if you join a campaign and do nothing, your BzzScore will drop.

Stay up-to-date on surveys
Completing surveys lets us know which campaigns are right for you (win), and improves your BzzScore (win x2). But keep an eye out — when new surveys become available, your BzzScore will go down until they’re completed.

Be an influencer
Get Facebook friends, Twitter followers, blog readers and real-life besties talking, liking, commenting and retweeting by starting engaging conversations in every campaign you join. Just be sure to make your posts public so we can see them!

Connect your accounts
Boost the power of your Bzz by connecting your BzzAgent account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you’ll boost your score, too. Disconnecting a social network account will deflate your BzzScore slightly

How does BzzScore affect campaign invites?

Generally, the better your BzzScore, the better your chances of getting campaign invites. However, we do consider a few other things when selecting BzzAgents for campaigns. Check out BzzCampaign Invites for a handy-dandy pie chart that lays it all out.

Does declining an invite hurt my BzzScore?

No way! We encourage BzzAgents to join only the campaigns they find truly interesting. If you’re not excited about a product, why on earth would you want to talk about it?

Where can I view my BzzScore?

Your BzzScore can be found on your member homepage once you’ve logged into BzzAgent. If you ever forget how to find it, just click on the top left BzzAgent logo (after logging in, of course!). The bee won’t sting, we promise.

What do we mean by "active and influential"?

We'll spare you the complicated mathematical formula we use to determine how active and influential each BzzAgent is (here's a taste: it requires a roomful of abacuses, a fridge stocked with Jolt and a janitor dressed like Matt Damon dressed like a janitor). But we will share a few of the things we consider (in order of importance):

  • Your engagement, as measured by the number of likes, comments and retweets each of your campaign post receives
  • Your activity, as measured by the number of activities you complete per campaign, and the quality of those submissions, as determined by our review team
  • Your influence, as measured by the size of your network, online and off — for example: how many Facebook friends or Twitter followers you have

Can I still have a good BzzScore without using social networks?

Yes. There are plenty of activities you can complete to keep your BzzScore on the up and up that don’t require you to share on Facebook or Twitter, and we would never encourage you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. But we’ll be honest: people who do share their opinions with their online social networks will always have a higher BzzScore.

Does my BzzScore consider my complete BzzAgent history?

In an effort to treat long-time members and BzzAgent noobs alike as fairly as possible, BzzScore currently reflects only your past 365 days of activity.

How often is my BzzScore refreshed?

Like a waffle buffet at a four-star resort, we greet you upon every login with a fresh, piping-hot BzzScore. Then, each and every time you do something (from filling out surveys to connecting your social networking accounts to completing activities as part of a BzzCampaign), we'll refresh your score. However, since we personally review everything you share with us, it may take up to a few days to notice a difference in your score for completing certain campaign activities.