How It Works

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How can I improve my engagement and influence?

It may seem silly to say, but if you want to improve your engagement, you have to engage people! Bring them into the conversation by asking questions and posting fun, creative reviews, videos, photos, stories and more. Here are a few tips:

Start with compelling and interesting content
Nobody scans their feed in search of a coupon. They’re looking for a funny story, a helpful tip, a genuine recommendation; if it happens to come with a coupon, well, that’s just gravy.

Ask questions
Bring friends into the conversation. Don’t just share a review, ask them how they would use the product. Don’t just post a recipe, share a photo of your results, and see how they might improve it.

Pretend you’re offline
Think of the way you start conversations about products in-person – asking questions, offering suggestions, responding to friends – then do the same thing online. Be natural — after all, sharing the products we love is something we all do already.

Supplement your posts
Consider the things your friends already interact with, like photos and videos, and spice up your product posts with a little mixed media.

Keep it honest and open
It’s essential to disclose that either BzzAgent or the brand provided you with a way to try a product or service — each and every time you share as part of a campaign. (Hashtags like #GotItFree or #GotACoupon come in awfully handy for this one!)

Can the spam
Spam makes a better sandwich than a way to share — authentic Bzz is about quality, and excessive, repetitive and insincere sharing will land you on our no fly list. Without a pat down from anyone at the Central Hive.