How It Works

Need technical assistance, Bzz® tips and tricks or fashion advice? For that last one, black and yellow stripes are always the height of style. For everything else, explore below.

What is Bite-Sized Bzz?

There’s no debating that BzzCampaigns are the best. But you won’t always have an active campaign. So should you stop Bzzing? Heck no! Over the years we’ve tried a few things to fill the campaign-related void in your hearts, but, between floating mountains, amphibian-infested swimming holes and bad breakfast puns, we’ve never gotten it quite right.

With Bite-Sized Bzz, we’ve simply taken the campaign activities you already love and removed them from the structure of a campaign. The only difference? Instead of Bzzing about products we’ve sent you, you’ll get the chance to talk about your pets, incredible recipes, favorite hobbies, pop culture phenomena and tons more. There’s no telling what we’ll ask about next, so check back often.

I don’t see Bite-Sized Bzz. What gives?

We love campaigns, but they can be divas. They don’t like sharing the spotlight, so whenever you’re in a BzzCampaign, Bite-Sized Bzz won’t appear on your home page. Don’t worry, though, it’ll be there if you’re in between campaigns.

Does Bite-Sized Bzz affect my BzzScore?

Nope. Bite-Sized Bzz is a fun way to keep your skills sharp while you wait for your next invitation. Just don’t get so caught up in it that you forget to take your Surveys. Those totally do impact your BzzScore and invitations.

Do I have to complete the activities I see?

Absolutely not! Think of Bite-Sized Bzz as an optional part of the BzzAgent experience. We hope you’ll have a blast participating, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to do so.

Completing Bite-Sized Bzz activities doesn’t affect your BzzScore, so it won’t make you any more or less likely to receive future campaign invitations. So do whatever works for you; complete them all, complete none or just pick the ones you like.

Does disclosure apply?

It all depends. The vast majority of Bite-Sized Bzz activities WON’T include an offer or sample. You’ll still want to let people know you’re a BzzAgent, of course, which is why you should always include #BiteSizedBzz when completing Bite-Sized Bzz activities.

If you ever come across a Bite-Sized Bzz activity that DOES have an offer or sample, be sure to include the regular disclosure hash tags (#GotItFree or #GotASample) just as you would during a BzzCampaign.

When in doubt about disclosure, just follow the activity instructions we provide.