How It Works

Need technical assistance, Bzz® tips and tricks or fashion advice? For that last one, black and yellow stripes are always the height of style. For everything else, explore below.

Why can't I sign in?

Please remember that your username and password are case sensitive. If you're having trouble signing in, click the forgot-your-password link on the sign in page. Enter the email address you signed up with, and we'll send you your password.

Can I change my username?

Nope, once you create an account you can't change your username. There's a chance we may set up a system to do this in the future, but we can't guarantee anything.

How do I change or update my contact information?

To update your contact information, simply visit Account. Then make your changes and click Save. NOTE: You cannot change your BzzAgent username. Always try to keep your contact information up to date, since we can't notify you of new campaigns or other important news if we can't reach you.

How do I update my personal and demographic information?

Head to Account, make the changes and hit Save. To help ensure that you're offered the right campaigns, always try to keep your profile accurate. If there's demographic information you gave us during signup that's changed since then but isn't updatable from Account, look for periodic surveys on your Member Homepage. We regularly ask you to notify us of any changes using those surveys.

How do I close my BzzAgent account?

To close your BzzAgent account, please go to the Close Account Page. Word of warning! Once you close your account, your BzzAgent account will become deleted immediately.

How does BzzAgent respect my privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. So we promise to be up front about anything we do that might affect it, to give you the tools you need to control it, and to never, ever enter your room after 10pm without knocking first.

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