BzzCampaign Journey


1. Keep Your Profile Up to Date

Log in here to keep your profile up to date: .


2. Watch Your Email for Invites

When we think you’d be a great fit for a campaign, we’ll send you an email with more information and a link to the campaign application.

NOTE - using links found online or from freebie sites is NOT allowed.



Add to your email contacts so you never miss an update from us!


3. Submit Your Application

Answer a few simple questions and connect any required social accounts to submit your application for the chance to participate. Samples are limited so don’t delay!

4. Check Your Email for an Application Confirmation

When you successfully complete an application, you will receive an email stating that we have received that application. If you are a good match, you will receive follow-up from us within the coming days. If you do not hear back from us, you have not been selected for the campaign.


Get Selected

1. Woohoo, You’re In!

If you are chosen, you’ll receive an acceptance email letting you know your Sample is on its way — HURRAY! 


2. Shipping email

Keep an eye on your inbox. 1-3 weeks after you have been selected for the campaign, you should receive a shipping email telling you that your sample has shipped.


Share your Experience

1. Try The Product

When your Sample arrives, use the sample(s), form an opinion, and get ready to share your experience. Remember - you cannot complete any activities until you have received and used the sample!

2. Get Inspired

Watch your inbox for an important “Posting Instructions” email containing guidance and inspiration for completing activities like posting to social media or submitting a product review.

3. Spread the Bzz

Post your experience on social media and/or submit your honest review to influence your friends, followers and other consumers. *Quick Tip: When posting on social, be sure to include the required hashtags and @mentions to get credit for your posts. 



Remember - We reward our most active and influential Agents with even more campaigns! Be sure to complete all of the activities listed in the posting instructions email!

Need assistance, Bzz® tips and tricks or fashion advice? For that last one, black and yellow stripes are always the height of style. For everything else, explore below.


What do BzzAgents do exactly? The short answer: Try products and services, then share your honest opinions about them with people you know. The long answer: We find products and brands you’ll love and give you a way to experience them. You share your thoughts about them by starting natural, genuine conversations with real friends and family and then writing reviews and/or creating social posts online via sites like Instagram and Facebook.

What do you do with the information I provide to you? All your personal data is kept strictly confidential. We simply use it to:

  • Match you with the right BzzCampaigns
  • Create better experiences for you and other BzzAgents
  • Improve our current or future campaigns
For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Will BzzAgent script things for me to say? Nope, we leave the dialogue all to you. Be yourself — share the positive and the negative. We will provide you with information on the featured product and we require that you be forthcoming about receiving a product sample through using a disclosure hashtag like #Sponsored or other. If I sign up for BzzAgent, will you spam me? No way, we’re absolutely against spam. We never let anyone contact our members without their advance consent. The only emails you’ll receive from us will be about BzzCampaigns or other BzzAgent-related information. I just joined. What should I do next? First of all, welcome aboard! You’re on your way to sweet, sweet product experiences. Now you can sit back and relax — it may be a minute before we find a campaign that’s right for you, but once we do, we’ll send you an email application straight-away! You will also receive surveys to fill out via email so that we can get to know you better. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. I live outside the USA, Canada and the UK. Can I still sign up as a BzzAgent? Sorry, BzzAgent is currently open only to residents in the countries listed above.
I used to be part of the community in Brazil, can I sign up? We would love for you to join, but we will not have any campaigns ready for you now. However if you are in the Bzz database we will reach out when they are available.

Campaigns and Invites

What are BzzCampaigns — and how do I join one? BzzCampaigns are how we invite BzzAgents like you to experience and talk about products, based on your profile and survey answers. Most campaigns run for eight weeks, giving you plenty of time to try something and share your thoughts with friends and family. You’ll receive BzzCampaign invites via email linking to an application form. If you’re accepted into the campaign, we’ll notify you with a separate confirmation email.

How many BzzCampaigns should I expect to receive?
While nothing would make us happier than guaranteeing you BzzCampaigns, there are just too many variables to predict an accurate number. That said, many BzzAgents may only receive a few product experiences from us per year.

How do we decide who gets invited to BzzCampaigns? Unfortunately, everyone can’t get into every campaign. Here are some of the main criteria we use to determine who gets invited to what campaign:

  • Who you are: For example, we wouldn't invite you to a baby food campaign if you don't have a baby, nor would we think men are a good fit for a women's hair dye.
  • Your interests: Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you want to try women’s hair dye, right? We get this info from your surveys and through the application process — so be sure to check your inbox to stay up-to-date on all opportunities to participate.
  • Where you live: While we’d love for everyone to try everything, some campaigns are only available to particular parts of the country or shoppers at specific retail stores.
When are application invites sent out for a new campaign? It depends. Each BzzCampaign has a certain number of BzzAgents who can participate, so we send out application invites in waves until all the spots are full. Sometimes campaigns fill within a few hours, while some take several days. If you haven’t received an invite to apply within 3-4 days of launch, it’s probably not the campaign for you. (But don’t worry, we’ll find one that is!)

Do I have to join BzzCampaigns I'm invited to? Not at all. If you know you won’t participate in a campaign we invite you to apply to, don’t hesitate to pass on it — we would never pressure you to try a product or service that doesn’t interest you. We only ask that once you’ve applied and been selected to a campaign, you share your honest opinion with others, online and off, and let us know about it. And of course, follow the BzzAgent Code of Conduct when you do (no sneaky behavior allowed!).

Do I have to participate in campaigns I join? If you join a BzzCampaign and don’t perform any activities, you won’t be invited to join campaigns in the future. The brands we work with are counting on you to spread the Bzz and share your experience of their products!

After I am accepted for a BzzCampaign, how long until I get my Sample in the mail? You should expect to receive your sample within 1-4 weeks after being approved for a campaign. If it has been longer than 4 weeks, please email us so we can check the status of your shipment.

Campaign Activities

What’s an activity? Activities (sometimes called “BzzActivities,”) refer to the types of social posts and offline tasks we’ll ask you to complete during a campaign. At the start of every campaign, you’ll receive a detailed “Posting Instructions” email that describes the activities. Because every product is different, every campaign will include a different variety of activities, including:

  • Posting to Instagram, Facebook and other social media
  • Writing product reviews
  • Completing surveys
Complete social activities by simply posting on your connected social account, using the campaign’s specific hashtag(s) and @ mentions, and we’ll be able to track your participation through the hashtag! For other activities, like completing a survey, just follow the links we provide in email updates. How many activities should I complete per campaign?
You need to complete all of the activities listed in the posting instructions email. Keep in mind, we’re looking for quality over quantity, so put a little elbow grease into each activity to generate meaningful interactions, online and off, in every campaign you join. Should I still complete activities if I didn’t like a product? Absolutely. We reward BzzAgents for their hard work and for sharing their honest opinions, good or bad. For any word-of-mouth to be credible, it needs to be voluntary and not due to compensation of any kind. So whether you love a product or think it could use a little work, we want you be honest. How do I get credit for my campaign activities? As long as you post to the social account that is connected to BzzAgent using the campaign hashtags and @ mentions that were included in the “Posting Instructions” email, we’ll be able to pull in your post and give you credit for participating. Throughout the campaign you’ll receive reminder emails if it looks like you still need to post or complete a review. What makes a great Instagram post? Ever heard the phrase “a picture’s worth a thousand words”? When it comes to a well-taken photo of compelling subject-matter, we believe it. Here’s how to make your photo count:
  • Read through the details in the “Posting Instructions” email so you know what type of images we want you to create with or about the featured product
  • Include the featured product in your shot, and try to convey how you’re using/experiencing the product
  • Be sure your photo(s) are original and high quality (not blurry, poorly lit, too close or too far away)
  • Feel free to get creative with collages, layouts, and stickers
  • Share your thoughts with followers in the caption, and be sure to include the campaign’s hashtag(s), including #sponsored and @ mentions so you get credit for your post
What makes a great Facebook post? As you read this, we can hear your Facebook friends calling out for something more interesting to talk about than which 80’s hair metal band they would be. Give people what they want! ere are some guidelines to make your posts as engaging as you are:

  • First things first: Share your opinion! Your friends want to know what you think about a product, not just the fact that you’re trying it.
  • When composing your post, be sure to follow the activity instructions and keep your thoughts product-focused.
  • Start conversations with thoughtful, unique and creative content — and don’t be shy to ask friends what they think, too!
  • Be sure to include the campaign-specific hashtag(s) and @ mentions, including the disclosure hashtag to let people know you experienced the product for free or at a discount.
  • Includes the campaign-specific @ mentions and hashtag(s), including the disclosure hashtag #Sponsored
What makes a great Twitter post? You know what Twitter needs? More hashtags. And as a BzzAgent, you’ll be doing your part to help. Here are some criteria for creating a great tweet:

  • Follows the activity instructions and contains a message written in your own words, including mention of the featured brand or product
  • Contains unique, creative or thoughtful content
  • Includes the campaign-specific @ mentions and hashtag(s), including the disclosure hashtag #Sponsored
What makes a great Product Review Bzz is best when it’s honest and hype-free — and that goes for reviews, too! Whether you loved a product or thought it could use some improvement, the juicy details are what we’re after. Keep these guidelines in mind each time you post:
  • Speaks to curious shoppers looking for details about the product
  • Answers the question, "What would I want to know before purchasing this experience, service or product?"
  • Contains unique, creative or thoughtful content
  • Provides extra value to consumers
  • Is shareable
  • Is paired with a relevant, quality photo

Being a Bzz all Star

How can I improve my engagement and influence? If you want to improve your engagement, you have to engage people! Bring them into the conversation by asking questions and posting fun, creative reviews, videos, photos, stories and more. Here are a few tips:

  • Start with compelling and interesting content: Nobody scans their feed in search of a coupon. They’re looking for a funny story, a helpful tip, a genuine recommendation; if it happens to come with an offer, well, that’s just gravy.
  • Ask questions: Bring friends into the conversation. Don’t just share a review, ask them how they would use the product. Don’t just post a recipe, share a photo of your results, and see how they might improve it.
  • Pretend you’re offline: Think of the way you start conversations about products in-person – asking questions, offering suggestions, responding to friends – then do the same thing online. Be natural — after all, sharing the products we love is something we all do already.
  • Supplement your posts: Consider the things your friends and followers already interact with, like photos and videos, and spice up your product posts with a little mixed media.
  • Keep it honest and open: It’s essential to disclose that you received a free or discounted product or service — each and every time you share as part of a campaign. That means always include the campaign-specific disclosure hashtag referenced in the Posting Instructions email!
  • Can the spam: Spam makes a better sandwich than a way to share — authentic Bzz is about quality, and excessive, repetitive and insincere sharing will land you on our no-fly list.


What is disclosure? Disclosure just means being completely open and honest about what it means to be a BzzAgent. Whenever you’re spreading the word about a campaign, always be sure to let people know that you received a free or discounted product or experience. Disclosing online: To put it plainly — If you can hashtag, do hashtag. Whether the activity is for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or your blog, always include the campaign-specific disclosure hashtag. This will usually be #Sponsored, but always check the activity instructions to be sure. And don’t forget to include any brand-focused hashtags or @mentions that we’ve provided to join the product conversation, too.

Account and Profile

Why can't I sign in?
We are in the process of launching a new BzzAgent community. Please create a new account using your Facebook login or email on the new BzzAgent Site. We will notify you when the login page is ready.
How do I change or update my contact information? To update your contact information, simply email Always try to keep your contact information up to date, since we can't notify you of new campaigns or other important news if we can't reach you. How do I update my personal and demographic information? To update your personal demographic information, simply email To help ensure that you're offered the right campaigns, always try to keep your profile accurate. If there's demographic information you gave us during signup that's changed since then please email support so that we may update it for you.