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Data and Privacy Overview

Need technical assistance, Bzz® tips and tricks or fashion advice? For that last one, black and yellow stripes are always the height of style. For everything else, explore below.

A BzzAgent is



BzzAgents always tell others they are part of a word-of-mouth program. When Bzzing others, you must let them know that you're involved with BzzAgent and tell them what you received as part of the campaign. If you genuinely like something (or even if you don't), it's your open, honest opinion that counts.

A Natural Communicator

Be yourself and share your opinions — all Bzz is good Bzz. Your first priority is always to deliver authentic Bzz, or information and opinions, to other people. You know how you stop listening when you think someone is trying to sell you something? Well, other people do too. So stay natural! Be extra careful to not spam strangers when you're online.



Bzz is only effective when it's completely honest. Bzz only works because it is honest — and that means discussing any bad with the good. People are smart, and they'll pick up on fake or dishonest Bzz. Why would you want to be misleading and risk damaging your relationships? Your honest opinion is what matters and that's what you should share with others.



Everything you do communicates something to the people around you

An Agent knows that sometimes you don't have to say a word to make an impact. Keep in mind that you're constantly sending messages to the people around you whether you’re putting words on paper or not.



Knowledge is power — and so is Bzz

As an Agent, your opinions have a lot of power. Respect that power by only sharing honest and informed opinions. Take the time to experience the product and learn more about it before you spread your opinion..


Not a Salesperson

Share your honest opinions, not hype or a sales pitch

When you Bzz, you don't need to "close the sale" or over-dramatize what you're saying. Bzzing is about sharing honest opinions with others, not pressuring people or making false or misleading statements. Just say how the product worked for you, don't make broad claims about what it may do for others. It's your personal experience that matters.


A Listener

Pay attention to how people are responding to the Bzz

Word of mouth is a two-way street. Sure, you have information about exciting products and services, but the people you're talking with also have opinions and experiences that they may want to share with you as well. Listening will help you to become a better, more informed Agent.


In Touch

Stay in contact with the Central Hive

Stay alert for program invitations and sign up quickly for the ones that interest you. Keep up to date by completing our surveys. Submit detailed BzzReports whenever you get the chance to share some Bzz. And let us know about your experiences — good and bad — so we can keep BzzAgent fresh and exciting. After all, you're our eyes and ears.


Bzzing for Fun

Bzz only works when you're having a good time

Being an Agent is exciting because you have access to great products and services, and fun because you get to spread the Bzz in your own unique way — whenever you want, with whomever you want. No gimmicks, no pressure.


A BzzAgent Isn’t

Maintaining multiple accounts

Fake profiles won’t up your chances of getting into campaigns, but they will get your license to Bzz revoked.


“Running” someone else’s account

Yep, this counts too. Your account is yours alone. If your partner, roommate, daughter, etc. wants to be a BzzAgent, they have to run their account themselves.


Selling or trading BzzKit contents

You won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t like what’s inside. In fact, we’ll want to hear all about it! What will upset us is spotting your BzzKit items for sale on eBay.


Using fake social media profiles

A Twitter account you use once every three months that’s only followed by your six closest friends? Love it. You’re golden. Keep up the good Bzz. A Twitter account with no followers that’s only used to post from Not okay.


Being sneaky or trying to fake our system in other ways

We’re all here to have fun, try free stuff and share product experiences with friends. Be honest, be patient and, well…just be you — and you’ll make BzzAgent a more awesome place for everyone!

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