Who Are Your Most Valuable Customers?

Posted by Lauren Murphy on August 29th, 2013 in , ,

When asked what customers are the most valuable, the answer is surprisingly not all of them. Your brand’s most loyal customers, roughly 20% of your entire customer base, are actually your most valuable. Sure, 20% seems small, but those customers account for 80% of a brands total revenue and 72% of total store visits as reported by MarketingProfs. To reinforce the fact that your most loyal customers are also the most valuable, they spend 10 times more than the average customer. See why we’re making a fuss? Because loyal customers are our bread and butter.

Your brand’s loyal customers are your sweet spot. In looking at the lifetime value of a customer, MarketingProfs found that loyal customers have a greater value due to the fact that they spend more over time and generate more revenue. According to CMS Wire, by looking at this lifetime value, you can evaluate the best way to market “exclusively to their worth.” This exclusivity can be achieved through a customer centric approach. By using customer data to better understand and segment your customers by lifetime value, you can identify your best ones. Coming up with products and services to enhance your brand’s experience for these customer is a concrete method to help become customer centric. You have the potential to increase sales by 17% if you choose to give your loyal customers some extra attention.

We aren’t saying that you should discount the “average” customer. In  fact, there are ways to gain loyal customers that were once “average.” Perhaps the most efficient way to turn “average” customers into loyal ones is through a digital loyalty program. MarketingProfs states, “The right digital loyalty program lets you easily store all your customers’ info, and then target customer groups and persuade them to come back.” Communicating with customers to bring them back to your store over time can help increase their visits and result in a potentially loyal customer. Digital loyalty programs can actually account for 12-44% increase in overall store visits from members. By turning the “average” customer into a loyal customer, you also increase the probability of additional sales by 60-70%.

Loyal customers are the most valuable to your brand because of the revenue they generate along with positive sentiments. After all, why else would they be loyal if they didn’t like you? To make sure you aren’t leaving any extra revenue on the side, focus on your loyal customers and thank them for all they do.


10 Responses to “Who Are Your Most Valuable Customers?”

  1. Kathy says:

    Useful and informative!

  2. Kathy says:

    Loyal customers

  3. Barbie says:

    The best Bzz Clients are the one’s that you can be honest with and they can also be honest with you on all campaigns and product.

  4. I can’t think of anything to change

  5. Susan says:

    A loyal customer will only stay with you as long as your product is high quality and reasonably priced. Customers do move on if the service breaks down or prices rise

  6. howard says:

    your most valuable costumers are the ones that focus on a healthy lifestyle living.

  7. howard says:

    no more comments.

  8. Rachel Bata says:

    This was a very true and insightful article. Who wrote it? I was a very great retail sales professional earlier in my life.I believe that once you have targeted the right customer and have sold them on the product.If you keep the product exact or improved (not always a good thing)and give that person some kind of incintive hence,fantastic coupons,inside sale events, samples etc… That person in turn will also by word of mouth and electronically share their good fortune with others.Therefore will actually not only STAY LOYAL,but will help you to increase YOU’RE sales naturally .The moral of the story is Keep loyal customers loyal and inadvertantly or advertinatly Make NEW LOYAL CUSTOMERS in the process! Sincerly Rachel Bata

  9. Taroka Reziak says:

    Thanks Lauren! It’ delivers a simple message yet it is so informative. Yes, you’re right. The loyal customers you have are your best customers. The acceptance and loyalty they show you generate profits that will be your constant leverage. The more loyal they are to you, the more valuable they become. They are your asset to your business. They can be a good promoter as they can be good at recommendations to what your product/service brings.

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