Swimming with Sharks: 70 Companies Who Want A Piece of $100,000

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On October 25th, some of Boston’s best and brightest investors will be getting together to invest $100,000 (at least) in startups, live and on the spot. It’s going to be a fun and wild and a hot mess – and not without its fair share of nail-biting, sweat-inducing drama. The Sharks – Fred Destin, Nicole Stata, Katie Rae, Dharmesh Shah, Joe Caruso, Mike Troiano (and some special guests) – don’t invest lightly and companies who dare to enter the tank must be on their game.

But for now, it’s the Sharks who have their work cut out for them. That’s because last Friday nominations for entries to the Shark Tank closed, and more than 70 companies were nominated to be considered for the event.

Over the next week, this list must be trimmed down to just 6 finalists. That’s right, 70 down to 6. This is going to take some serious fin-flexing. Private dossiers on each company have been delivered and early this week – at an undisclosed, dimly-lit location – doors will be locked and shades will be drawn, and the Sharks will begin the selection process.

So for everyone who has been nominated (see full list below), or knows one of the nominees, consider this your moment to make your nomination count. The hooks have been baited, the water has been chummed, and it’s now time to create a shark frenzy. Here Sharky Sharky Sharky…

The Sharks – a group who recognize persistence and persuasion as core tenants of successful startups- will consider any inbound attempt to sway their opinions. So get tweeting (use hashtag #bostonsharks). Get blogging (Sharks love to see their names in Google alerts). Get creative and you may just get yourself a spot in the Tank.

Shark Tank Boston Nominations

Final 6 to be chosen from this list

121nexus, Foster Sayers
A Curated World, Kay McGowan
arcbazar.com, Ana Batista
AutoBike, Inc., Sean Simpson
Awesome.me, Patrick O’Quinn
Azigo, Paul Trevithick
BRIGHTdriver, Jacob Silber
Burst, Paul Levy
CoachUp.com, Jordan Fliegel
CoFounder, Jim Spiliotis
Collaperty, Rishi Palriwala
Corporate Connect, Adam Sigel
Culture Adapt     Mike Miller
DisruptiveApps – iJukebox, Chip Selley
DrinkSavv, Mike Abramson
EcoValuePoints (EVP), Robert MacArthur
Emovera, Clark Nesselrodt
Farmers Row, John Miner
FirstCall Residential, Greg Antonioli
FlexiScore, Ed Win
Frat Labs Inc., David Lanphear
Freight Farms, Brad McNamara
fuzzycover LLC, Joseph Colbert
Galaxy Family Entertainment Center, Lee Robbins
Get Noticed Get Found, Jabez LeBret
GG’s Originals, Ron Lipof
HelmetHub, Chris Mills
Holiday Highlighter Co, Joseph Napoli
inLieu (inlieugiving.com), Kailey Raymond
Intrepid Pursuits, Mark Kasdorf
ITADSecurity, Inc., Robert  Rinaldi
Jebbit, Tom Coburn
Jegman Inc., Jason Glover
Launch Academy, Evan Charles
LeanWagon, Greg Rublev
Levr, Alonso Holmes
MI-SNAP.COM, Kristen Jensen
Modalyst, Alain  Miguel
Moniker Guitars, Kevin Tully
MovingMetrics, Brendan Lattrell
Mystery Gift Machine, Adam Stober
NBD Nanotechnologies Inc., Deckard  Sorensen
Patheer , Matthew Harris
PollKarma, Cy Khormaee
PreApps.com, Sean Casto
Presskit.to – by Indie Ambassador, Ben Maitland-Lewis
Price Intelligently, Patrick Campbell
Proseproductionsink, LLC, Paul  lICATA
Prospective Plus, Phoebe Farber
RallyPoint, Aaron Kletzing
Rejoiner, Mike Arsenault
RentPrefs, Raleigh Werner
Rootless, Aaron Williams
Rotary Robotics, James Peverill
Saleslytics, John Routhier
Sidewalk, Mo Yehia
Socialping,  Joel Strellner
SplashScore, Lyle Stevens
Sproutel, Hannah Chung
Superior Rehabilitation And Assessment Solutions, Mark Dorn
SyncStrength, Daniel McCaffrey
Technology For Autism Now, Marie Duggan
TechPay, Ross Markbreiter
The Handle Bar, Jessica  Bashelor
Thumbs Up, Cass Sapir
Umbie DentalCare, Jeremy Hamel
Upgrade Journey,  Tina Wang
Vinamor, Gary  DeJohn
Visual Content Magazine, Steven Denis
Vsnap, Dave McLaughlin
WorldBrain, Jakob Garrow
ZoomTilt, Anna Callahan

The Boston Shark Tank was conceived by BzzAgent and is being hosted as part of MITX’s FutureM week. The event will be held from 4-6 PM at the Microsoft NERD Center on October 25th. You must have a FutureM ticket to attend.

There are also limited spaces for the after party, the Shark Filet Show, which will follow immediately after. Sign up now at FutureM.org or be denied entry.


6 Responses to “Swimming with Sharks: 70 Companies Who Want A Piece of $100,000”

  1. Bobby Digital says:

    Great list of teams. I do have one question though, isn’t it a conflict of interest for some of judges who have already invested in some of these teams through various vehicles(ie: Katie Rae and Techstars)? Shouldn’t that DQ those teams? Hoping you guys can explain how that will work…

  2. Dave Balter says:

    Bobby -

    Thanks for the question, it’s a good one. Two things that should help clarify:

    1) in the voting for companies to get into the final round, the sharks must disclose any affiliation and if there is one (beyond just investing already) they abstain from a vote.

    2) for the actual event, an affiliation with one of the companies is ok – as the structure doesn’t preclude a current investor from providing more capital OR other sharks from investing.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you need more details!


  3. Sounds like a kickbutt competition. Whoever came up with this idea is surely a scholastic character of sound startup judgement.

    Also, does sucking up to the sharks count? #FratLabs

  4. Will Do says:

    I see on a web page that you will take on start ups in any phase. After spending some time going over the list of the 70 entries I have noticed that there is a high amount of companies that appear to have already secured capital, have customers and established profits. One company seems to be a successful franchise headquartered in Florida. There is even an up and running non profit organization. Is there any guidelines to the cutoff on what is considered a start up?

  5. Steven Denis says:

    First and foremost, Visual Content Magazine is honored to be one of the companies nominated. To be honest, at first glance I was overwhelmed and a little intimidated by the other companies listed. However, when I realized that some of them had already obtained substantial financial backing I was proud of what we’ve achieved to date on our own. Despite the fact that we’re literally paying out of pocket to build and push this magazine, I think we’ve been able to generate a buzz around our substantial amount of unique content that we believe separates us from the pack. Our dedicated team has been fueled by true passion for the medium and the content itself. Thanks again for the nomination of consideration.

  6. The real shark tank is on tv, so why doesn’t boston have a cable tv network, atlanta has 2 tnt tbs.
    A cable tv network in this area with all the great writers, and actors, together with marketing people, for once boston could have a entertainment voice in the world.
    What do you think Dave?

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