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Campaign delivers large volume trial, helping secure broader distribution for the brand

Created in Sweden over 100 years ago, LypSyl wanted to make a big splash when they debuted a full line of lip balm products in the United States. The unique formulation, including pure Swedish beeswax, provides unsurpassed moisturizing and protection, but with an unknown brand name, they needed to jump-start consumer trial and adoption. By conducting a word-of-mouth campaign with BzzAgent, LypSyl had an effective means to get the word out to a significant number of their target consumers.

BzzAgent identified Agents across the US to engage in the LypSyl campaign. Each Agent received a comprehensive BzzKit containing the following:

  • 6 tubes of the LypMoisturizer product to sample and distribute
  • 6 coupons for $1-off any LypSyl product
  • A BzzGuide containing fun and educational information about LypSyl and suggestions on who and where to Bzz

Objective: Generate Awareness

  • Campaign reach exceeded campaign goal by more than 60%
  • Over 90% of people reached had never heard of LypSyl prior to the conversation, effectively introducing over 273,000 people to the brand

Objective: Drive Trial

  • 100% of Agents tried LypSyl and more than 80% continue to use daily
  • Agents encouraged trial among BzzRecipients, handing out an average of 4.4 samples each and distributing over 13,000 samples during their conversations
  • Participation in the campaign decreased use of competitive products

Objective: Create Advocacy

  • Tremendous shift in Net Promoter® Score was more than 2x greater than the BzzAgent average for Personal Care campaigns
  • Extremely positive experience with campaign led to 92% future purchase intent
  • Based on LypSyl’s sell through, 2008 distribution was greatly expanded, including national distribution at the country’s largest mass merchandiser

Agent Quotes

“My sister was over and I gave her a tube of LypSyl form my BzzKit. She gave it a try and loved the medicated feeling as well as how smoothly it glided onto her lips…over time and with multiple uses she said her lips felt healthier and looked fabulous…I shared with her that she could purchase a berry blend LypSyl at Rite Aid using the coupon I had given her and she did.”

“I told them how LypSyl was a new product that I received to try out and that I loved it. I explained how picky I am and was a little skeptical on changing to something different, but then I tried LypSyl and was 100% sold the first time I used it. They asked for the name and said they would have to run to the store to try some.”


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