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Activia Campaign delivers 80% ROI:

Danone made history when it relaunched its Activia line of yogurt in 2004. Armed with scientific proof, Activia, which contains the unique culture Bifidus ActiRegularis, was scientifically proven to improve slower digestive transit. With this new data, Danone knew that Activia was a distinctive product. And the best part? It tasted great, too. In 2007, Activia had claimed the #1 spot for probiotic yogurts in the UK, but Danone felt there was an opportunity to further grow the brand and get even more consumers to embrace Activia by utilizing the BzzAgent platform.

BzzAgent engaged Agents across the UK and sent them a comprehensive BzzKit which included:

  • 2 vouchers for free product
  • 20 vouchers for £0.50 off
  • A BzzGuide with product facts, the “inside scoop” about Activia, and suggestions on who and where to Bzz

Objective: Drive Trial

  • Agents in the Activia campaign spread the word to over 210,000 consumers
  • Over 90% of BzzRecipients had not previously tried the product, and 26% purchased the product during the course of the campaign
  • Five separate coupons of differing values saw redemption rates from 14% to 92%

Objective: Gain Consumer Insights

  • Top 2 attributes Bzzed were “How great it tastes” and “The digestive health benefit of Activia” – echoing the key messages of the brand
  • Agents’ recommendations provided credibility to other media, providing an incentive to try Activia

Objective: Drive Sales

  • Strong Voucher Redemption Fueled Impressive Sales and ROI
  • Over 50% of Agents redeemed vouchers, exceeding BzzAgent average
  • Campaign participation dramatically increased Activia consumption, especially among those new to the brand (+71%)
  • Total ROI for the campaign was in excess of 80% and the BzzAgent campaign outperformed the ROI on all other media for Activia in 2007

Agent Quotes

“After tasting the yogurt she went quiet, but she couldn’t hide that she liked it when she went back to get another flavour later on! With that seal of approval all the girls tried a yogurt. They said they were surprised that it was even nicer than regular yogurts, and with the added benefit of probiotics there was no going back to other brands.”

“She has never really thought about buying them as most things that are good for you are tasteless. I laughed and agreed…day 8 into the 2 weeks I asked her if Danone Activia has yet helped her with her bloated feeling, and she told me she has noticed that she is not getting [it] as much as before and that she absolutely loves the taste of the yogurts…”


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