Consumers Want a Response, And They Want It Now

Posted by Lauren Murphy on November 14th, 2013 in , ,

Watch out for consumer tweets coming your way! Lithium Technologies, in conjunction with Millward Brown Digital, performed a study on consumer perceptions on brands’ response time on Twitter. Think you can respond at your leisure? Think again. Lithium found that 53% of those surveyed expected brands to respond within an hour of a tweet. The percentage increased to 72% when it came to a complaint. So, why do consumers want such a quick response?

The study found that more than 50% of all active users on Twitter seek out and engage with brands. They’re looking for a deeper connect with the brands they love and they seek the connection through social media. When a brand seemingly “snubs” a consumer by not issuing a response to a tweet, it could mean bad news bears for the brand’s reputation. When ignored, 38% of consumers start to feel more negatively towards a brand. A whopping 60% will voice their dissatisfaction to the masses. Clickz reports that 29 percent of consumers will start to relay their negative feeling to family and friends and 26% will elicit other media forms as their concern grows. The longer a brand takes to respond, or chooses to not respond at all, impacts its overall reputation among its consumers.

Aside from the negative effects a delayed response can have, a brand can harness the power of its response time and reap the benefits. Lithium reports that 34% of consumers are projected to buy more from the brand and 43% will spread the word to their family and friends (and you know how we heart word-of-mouth). Positive recommendations go a long way from brands in the short and long-term.

Overall, brands need to have a strategy when it comes to responding to consumers not only on Twitter, but all social media. A quicker response time leads to a satisfied customer and therefore a satisfied you when they come back again.





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