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Posted by Gunn Leikvoll on July 18th, 2012 in

When everyone was making their social media predictions for 2012, many pointed to the rise of visual storytelling.  For example, on Social Media Examiner, Jay Baer said that “multimedia social networks are here to stay and will be an emerging force for brands in 2012”.  And he was right. Pinterest has become the fastest growing standalone site ever. It’s now the 3rd largest social media network, only surpassed by Facebook and Twitter.  According to comScore, traffic has grown 4377% since May 2011 and it now attracts 31.9 million unique visitors a month.

It’s not just the size and growth that make Pinterest important for marketers. It has a great ability to drive high-quality customer engagement. So from a marketing perspective, this is can be one of your best social media tools.  Since marketers are trying to figure out how best to use Pinterest, we thought we’d share a few lessons from our brilliant community manager BzzAgentJono. Here are some of his suggestions for getting your bzz on with Pinterest:

Adding Customers as Contributors

Jono has empowered a group of Agents to help shape our Pinterest page by adding them as contributors to the site. They are helping us represent our brand, and they’re happy to do it.  We utilize their strengths and expertise in a category, like baby products and parenting ideas. Every day they pin interesting and thought-provoking content on their topics to pages like this.  It’s a win-win. We get great content to share with everyone and they build their own personal brand as experts in the category.  It’s a great way to excite a key segment of our community.

Making it a Competition

Another way of engaging with your audience is to make a competition out of it. Recently, Jono asked our community of agents to compete in creating the best pinboard describing what it means to be a BzzAgent. Agents now have their eyes on the prize- a 50$ Amazon gift card. New boards are constantly popping up, and we’re gaining new followers every day. Our community is curating their own boards about our brand and creating content to share with others. It’s a great way of spreading word of mouth.

This isn’t all just fun and games though. Pinterest activity influences sales. The social media network has become a significant source of referral traffic to e-commerce sites – driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.  But for Pinterest to really become a powerful marketing tool, an API is needed so marketers can get more data on activities.  Fortunately, it’s on the way. Cat Lee from Pinterest’s Platform team says they are “actively working to make the API available soon”. But don’t wait, Pinterest is a social marketing opportunity that can’t overlooked.

What are some of the unique and fun ways you’ve seen brands use Pinterest?


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