The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II

Posted by Dave Balter on June 15th, 2008 in

Starting June 16, download the entire book completely for free from any of these sites (note: the download version is not waterproof):

Big Thinker


Jason Fried

37 Signals

Todd Sattersten


John Moore

Brand Autopsy

Chris Brogan


Jackie Huba

Church of the Customer

Emmanuel Vivier


John Bell

Digital Influence Mapping Project

John Jantsch

Duct Tape Marketing

Jeff Bussgang

Boston VC Blog

Greg Verdino

Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog

Bill Taylor

HBSP: Game Changer

Guy Kawasaki

How to Change the World

Rohit Bharagava

Influential Marketing Blog

Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s Blog

Todd Defren

PR Squared

Chris Carfi

Social Customer Manifesto

Tom Peters

Tom Peters!

Jeremy Gutsche

Trend Hunter

Mitch Joel

Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Caplan

What’s Next in Marketing

Or, buy the book (Rounded corners, water resistant and sized to use as a rainhat, plus – if you keep it in your breast pocket – thick enough to stop a bullet. Also, it just so happens that each copy arrives with bonus original, one-of-its-kind artwork):


41 Responses to “The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II”

  1. sati769leigh says:

    thanks for offering this. I beleive i already ordered my copy of this but thanks for the ability to free download it.

  2. baabsy says:

    I can’t wait to read it!!!

  3. jamazoo says:

    A free copy? Thanks! I can’t wait!

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for making this book available free also for those who can’t afford it. Please provide a Paypal or Google Checkout link, so others can donate money also.

  5. itsirC says:

    Congratulations Dave! I can’t wait to check it out when I get a free moment.

  6. parentreview says:

    Actually if you use Epson Durabrite inks to print, then it would be waterproof :-)

  7. unhappy says:

    Sad, sad, sad, I preordered the book and due to glitches in the system it never showed up on my page and by the time I got the e-mail it said full.

    The new system really needs to get the bugs worked out of it fast. I am hurt and disappointed. I was very excited about this book and now I am just sad :( !

  8. unhappy says:

    I was on my homepage logging in and out hoping for it. I just don’t get it :(

  9. fnz2thrght says:

    well I”m reading it now. So many of the comments and questions and why’s and wherefores of bzzAgent during the recent changes are answered in this book (even though the book was written first). I think anyone who has a problem with the new system needs to read this book.

    Darn, I should have signed up for it when I was offered it as a campaign. Shoot.

  10. Lottome says:

    Thanks for all the fish!

  11. Nichellelp says:

    Thanks Dave for the free download. I am reading it now and it applies to everyone, not only WOMers and marketing gurus. It is a funny read and a book that I will be sharing with all my family and friends. I believe that it will change the business world like Covey’s 7 Habits did more than 15 years ago. CONGRATS!!!!

  12. Laura says:

    Thank you Dave for providing the free download. Looks like interesting reading!

  13. baabsy says:

    I am just diving into your book Dave and I really like the way you write! Me thinks this is going to work for me…keeps the attention and I am dyslexic…so that is saying a lot. Your talking to the person (no matter who it is)and not down to people and that is the kind of books I like Ok…pass me the chips, shoosh, I have more reading to do.

  14. sati769leigh says:

    i love to read, i really enjoying Bzz agent and now i have a book campaign based on word of mouth?!!? how much better can it get! thanks Bzz agent!

  15. Erica Minton says:

    I just read this entire book over lunch (and another secret hour at my desk)– it was fantastic and full of great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing it. (And yes, I passed it on, and will talk about it…)

  16. Stacymouse says:

    Thanks for the links to the book! It’s awesome getting to be part of the campaign to bzz it too, I’m looking forward to telling everyone about it after I read it! :)

  17. was unhappy, now thrilled says:

    Thank you for fixing the glitch so fast. I am in and thrilled!! I have already started reading it.

    Thumbs up from me! :)

  18. fnz2thrght says:

    hey…I’m in now too! Thanks …whoever fixed it. :)

  19. I enjoyed the book – thanks for making it available for free. The last chapter made me think of this picture:

  20. Laura says:

    I feel bad. I am new around here, and I said I didn’t want to do this campaign, because I am really not sure who I would tell about this book that would be truly interested. I am interested in the topic and was going to read it from this site, but I am just not sure how I would do bzzing someone about it. Is this bad of me?

  21. Elaine says:

    Yes Laura, it is horrible, horrible, horrible of you. Just kidding! I didn’t join the campaign either and while it takes away from our chances to earn more honeycombs and advance in the new level system, it won’t be held against us in any way that we decided not to participate. HOWEVER, I was thinking how easy it would be to bzz this one considering all we have to do is talk about Bzzagent to get the topic rolling.
    Oh, and welcome to Bzzagent!

  22. fnz2thrght says:

    seems that there’s a hive of controversy over at 37signals. We’re all shills and pimps apparently. :)

  23. sati769leigh says:

    ??????????????????????? is that a site of some kind?

  24. fnz2thrght says:

    that’s the first place the book is listed above.

  25. fnz2thrght says:

    unfortunately the folks who read there are insistant on hating WOM so no matter what is said about bzzAGent they think it’s all a shill.

  26. Free Word of Mouth Marketing Goodness…

    It has been generating buzz in any number of places, so he must know what he is talking about…

    BzzAgent John Balter has written an book called The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II and it is available for free as an eBook from a few selected blogs. Wo…

  27. sati769leigh says:

    oh DER on my part! thanks

  28. fnz2thrght says:

    I see you found it. :)

  29. fnz2thrght says:

    that’s DAVE Balter.

  30. sati769leigh says:

    oh yeah, my loudmouth found it!! LOL thanks

  31. 1287mad says:

    I honestly have to say that I was expecting a dull read, but that was not the case. I didn’t think it was dry or boring at all. I was quite entertained by the humor. (BTW Captain Morgan was the one who corrupted Captain Crunch.) I am dissapointed however in some poster’s opinions on 37 Signals, a shill indeed! I feel insulted. That negativity aside I would like to say, “Job well done, congrats!”

  32. Rachel says:

    Well, I’m “in” the campaign and yesterday I downloaded & read the whole book. I think it’s a nice intro for new-ish BzzAgents like myself (but where do I find them to tell them to read it?! maybe here…….?) particularly anyone who might be having “moral issues” with the idea of telling their friends about the products in the campaigns they’ve signed up for. It’s all explained nicely, eloquently, and quite amusingly.

    I’m not so sure of it’s value to marketers because it doesn’t tell you that much “how to” unless you want to sign up to use BzzAgent or a similar company (maybe not so much use for small, local businesses like the ones I tend to be involved in).

    On a related note, I do wish that the openness & honesty provision in the BzzAgent guidelines could be covered by just saying “I got a sample from the manufacturer” (since I’m someone who quite often gets samples from manufacturers via various routes) rather than telling them all about BzzAgent which invariably hijacks the conversation into “can I join and get freebies too?”. But then I suspect the owners of this site actually want the site to spread by WOM and that’s part of the point…

    Okay, going to stop rambling now :)

  33. Karen Rucker says:

    Unofficial Bzz will be having a party tomorrow evening in our chat box. We invite you to join us for some unofficial chatting about life, BzzAgent, babies (we have several members expecting), and anything else that comes up. The party is open to all. BYOB.

  34. justsayin. says:

    how is the above post relevant to the discussion here of the book? Please don’t spam the beeLog.

  35. flywithme says:

    So … are the pages waterproof… or just the cover. It’s not very easy to tell.

  36. Karen Rucker says:

    justsayin., the post wasn’t about the book, but it was about BzzAgent. Since BzzAgent does not provide it’s members a way to communicate with each other except this blog, I felt this was the appropriate place for the invitation.

  37. justsayin. says:

    this post wasn’t about the book? I’m so sorry I was mistaken. I guess the title of the post, “The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II” is what confused me.

  38. sati769leigh says:


  39. Leslie2k says:

    I think Karen was referring to her post when she said that the post wasn’t about the book, not the BeeLog post.

  40. Scar says:

    Spam, spam, spam, spam…..get over it justsayin

    flywithme – - It’s a “Boardbook” from what I understand; cool concept, definitly unique.

  41. Though I never authored any nonfiction best sellers of mine under any one but I would gladly accept if you offer me to translate it in Hindi for the Indian readers who dont know english.